Never Too Late

Our exclusive last minute wedding package

Do you have a wedding photography emergency?

Has your wedding photographer let you down?

Has there been an unavoidable change to your plans, leaving you without a wedding photographer?

Or have you simply decided to get married quickly, leaving you in need of a professional wedding photographer?

Whatever the case may be, if you need a professional wedding photographer who understands your situation, who can quickly work with you in a time of crisis to give you top quality wedding pictures at a moment's notice, then look no further!

Invu prides itself on never panicking in such an urgent situation.  We know how to deal with your dilemma!  No matter how panicked you are, and how impossible the situation may seem, we will be right there to calm you down, detail what you are looking for in the images for your wedding and reassure you that invu can get it done!

We won't just turn up with a camera and snap what we can.  Invu will listen closely to what you want and need, and as with every wedding package we offer, give one hundred percent to capture your wedding as you envision it!  It's our promise to treat your wedding with the utmost importance and priority, no matter how soon we are brought in to photograph it.

Typically, we require at least 24 hours advanced notice in order to come in with our Never Too Late wedding photography package, but if we are available and capable of getting to your wedding in time, then we will!

For the specifics on what we offer regarding this service, please click here.  And for pricing and protocol, click here.



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